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AYLIEN Text Analysis API is a package consisting of eight different Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning APIs that can be adapted to your processes and applications with relative ease.

At AYLIEN, we’re harnessing the potential of your data. Whether you're a news organization, a developer, a savvy marketer or an academic, you'll soon see what a dose of AYLIEN intelligence can do for you. Our text API allows you to monitor the sentiment of your brand, analyze documents or summarize and classify large amounts of text.


Sentiment Analysis

Identify positive/negative sentiment within any document, web page or tweet.


Automatically summarize any piece of text into consumable chunks.


Classify your text and tag it according to IPTC NewsCode standards. Over 500 categories!

Entity Extraction

Extract any entities (people, locations, organizations) or values (URLS, emails, phone numbers, currency amounts and percentages) mentioned in a given text.

Concept Extraction

Identify an authors intent with word sense disambiguation; does apple refer to the fruit or the company

Language detection

Automatically detect and tag an article as written in a certain language. Fantástico!

Hashtag Suggestion

Enhance your reach with automatically generated and optimized hashtags.

Batch processing

Process a large number of documents, URL's or tweets all at once


Remove all clutter and extract the main text and media, such as images and videos, from an article or URL.

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